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Service and Care of People, Facilities & Land
Managing public recreation lands and facilities for over 30 years  

We Have Experience

WESTREK Services provides professional and quality management services for outdoor recreation properties. Historically, our clients include the US Forest Service, State Parks, County Parks and Municipal Parks. Additionally, we can provide services for recreation properties owned by Public Utilities and Private Resorts and Luxury Vacation Rentals.

We have been managing public recreation lands and facilities for over 30 years.

  • People:       Customer service is paramount.

  • Facilities:   The cleanliness of facilities is a priority.

  • Land:           Preserving the environment is essential.

Who We Are

The President of the WESTREK Services has worked both sides of the outdoor recreation spectrum – the public sector and the private. Our history includes contracts and agreements with public agencies such as;  Federal, State, County, and Municipalities.  In addition to the vast management background of the President, additional certifications, training and experiences include:  Peace Officer for a  Park Service agency, Water System Operator, Waste Water Operator, Speaking and Interpretive Presentations, Board Member of a National Recreation Association and Parks Board, Licensed General Contractor, Boating Safety Instructor, and Firearms Safety Instructor.

WESTREK Services has re-tooled and re-branded its approach to managing recreational properties. With 30+ years of experience, WESTREK brings the industry a fresh approach to providing great customer service and products as well as building strong partnerships with the public agencies we contract with.

Meet some of the WESTREK Team

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Management Services  

Campground Management



Park Maintenance



Recreation safety and security



Marinas, boat rentals, stores

Food, Fuel, Rentals and more...

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