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Managing public lands and facilities for over 30 years  

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WESTREK Services provides professional and quality management services for outdoor recreation properties. Historically, our clients include the US Forest Service, State Parks, County Parks and Municipal Parks. Additionally, we can provide services for recreation properties owned by Public Utilities and Private Resorts and Luxury Vacation Rentals.

We have been managing recreation public lands and facilities for over 30 years.

  • People:       Customer service is paramount.

  • Facilities:   The cleanliness of facilities is a priority.

  • Land:           Preserving the environment is essential.

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USFS Interactive Map

Click on this link to use the US Forest Service interactive map to find many recreational places and activities to enjoy your time outdoors. Includes campgrounds, trails, hiking, OHV, and more. 


Safety Tips

Please review these brief “Safety Tips”. It offers some insightful tips to help make your visit to the great outdoors more safe. WEATHER: Weather can change rapidly. Summer temperatures can exceed 90 degrees…

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Bear Country Tips 

For most of us, seeing a bear is a rare and memorable experience. Learning more about bears and their habits can help you safely enjoy these unique wild animals and the habitats they live in.

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