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Below are some of our key management and operations team members.  This does not include our field and support staff.  Our team manages the business and operational affairs of WESTREK as well as other hospitality companies we operate under different business names.  
Will Newman

Will Newman

President, CEO

Background in Park Service, Private Concessionaire and International Volunteer. A founder and former CEO of Recreation Resource Management Inc. Specializes in Operations, Customer Service and Government relations.

Yvonne Thumb.jpg


VP Customer Service

Yvonne has 20 years of retail and customer service experience at resort and recreation facilities including event planning.  She brings this experience to our hospitality services and policies



Reservation Administrator

Sandi manages our reservations systems in a several hospitality reservation sites.  She manages inventories, administration, customer issues, works with contracting partners and provides updates including



Office Manager

Yvesche serves as a support person in our home office serving all our field staff. She travels and assists with employee training, purchasing, bid preparations, marketing, media, product and policy development.

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Construction Superintendent

Bryan is highly skilled in mechanical and construction services and trades. He establishes and schedules maintenance and construction responsibilities to meet company goals and responsibilities.

cameron Live Plan.jpg


Maintenance Chief

Cameron is the son of Will and served two terms in the US Coastguard. He provides  facility maintenance service for all properties as well as mobilization of equipment, supplies and facilities on new and existing projects.

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HR Administrator

Yvette manages our human resources department including recruitment, training development, compensation and benefits, payroll processing, maintains all payroll data files with governing authorities



Web - IT Manager

Gary develops and administers multiple websites throughout our hospitality companies.  He has a broad range of administrative authority managing company website infrastructures. He also assists field staff in computer tech management. 

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